Bass guitar recording session as seen by the band’s bassist/backing vocalist Vraath and guitarist/vocalist Quazarre:
“A day of rest after the vocals recording session at Impressive-Art Studio and… we get back to work. This time at Quazarre’s home-based Icaros Studio. Hellish work, considering the outside heat back then. We arranged bass lines so it has its own place in every song. Sometimes it just flows along with the rythm followed by lead guitars, sometimes it gets more melodic, heading its own way, but… surely you will feel it deep in your guts!” – comments Vraath.


“It’s been hellish work indeed! Especially the first couple of days after we arrived back to Icaros Studio. Imagine nearly 40 degrees celsius out there and us locked up in a room with no air-conditioning system. Real motherfucking craziness to call it what it was! Anyways, as Vraath has mentioned already, we’ve spent as long as it required to arrange the bass lines in the best way possible, so that his parts could be unique in a way and – above all – audible, not just backing up lead and rhythm guitars the whole time. There has been blood while recording drums… Bass guitar tracking saw us covered with sweat for a change;-) To sum it all up: sweaty but veeeery satisfied with the final outcome.” – adds Quazarre.

All the guitars tracks are now being sent out to Impressive Art Studio wherein they’re to be re-amped by Przemyslaw Nowak anytime soon.


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