Discography: Plurima Mortis Imago


1. Lunarium
2. Rebellion of Will Manifesto
3. Visions of Kingdom to Come…
4. Dracula’s Mechanized Universe
5. Funeral of God
6. Alpha & Omega Spaces
7. Crowned to Be Crucified
8. Smell of Death
9. SataniChaoSymphony


Label: Conquer Records
Release date: 2008
Format: CD jewelcase


Quazarre – vocals / lead and rhythm guitars / additional synthesizers
Starash – lead and rhythm guitars
Turquoissa – synthesizers

Session bass guitar appearance by Adrian Nefarious (Luna Ad Noctum)
Session drums appearance by Dragor (Luna Ad Noctum)




Recorded at various places in August 2005:
– drums and guitars recorded at Mamut Studio (in the middle of nowhere) by Maciek Mularczyk and Wojtek Nowak
– synthesizers and vocals at Hendrix Studios (Lublin) by Arek ‘Malta’ Malczewski

Mixed in September 2005 at Flumen Studio (Warsaw) by Wojciech ‘Flumen’ Kostrzewa
Mastered in September 2005 at Hertz Studio (Białystok) by Sławek & Wojtek Wiesławscy

All music written by Quazarre, except for:
– “Lunarium” by Turquoissa; arrangements by Turquoissa & Quazarre
– “Alpha & Omega Spaces” by Turquoissa
– “Dracula’s Mechanized Universe” by Quazarre, Starash and Turquoissa; the ending part of the song originally written by Ludwig Van Beethoven in interpretation of Turquoissa
– “Crowned to Be Crucified” by Quazarre and Starash

Arrangements by Devilish Impressions
Lyrics by Quazarre

Band photos by Devilish Impressions with assistance of Michał Bugdoł; concept by Quazarre and Turquoissa
Additional photos taken by Quazarre & Turquoissa
Cover, layout and graphic design by Sodom & Gomorrah
Logo by Lucjan Wasilewski