Devilish Impressions recording new album!


Epic black / death metallers of DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS have recently entered Dobra 12 Studio for the recording session of what is to become their 4th full-length album, a follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Simulacra’ (2012 Lifeforce Records) and its successor ‘Adventvs’ MLP (2015 Hammerheart Records).

Comments the band’s drummer, Icanraz: “Thanks to the commitment of Piotr Polak behind the console we have achived an utterly tremendous and full-bodied sound. The present path on which the band stomps leaves much more room for musicianship to shine through in the rhythm department which, as a consequence, is to lead our music towards yet new dimensions. And so the fight goes on!”

Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page for further updates.

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