Guitars for Devilish Impressions new opus nailed down

guitars1DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS has finished tracking the guitars for what is to become their 4th full-length album, a follow up tp the critically acclaimed ‘Simulacra’ (2012 Lifeforce Records) and its successor ‘Adventvs’ MLP (2015 Hammerheart Records).

Quazarre checks in from his home-based Icaros Studio, giving you some insight into what this part of the session looked like: “Basically, knowing the guitars are to be later re-amped on a proper equipment and at a professional recording studio, I’ve laid them down ahead of the drums recording session. So, what I’ve been doing lately was just overwriting some parts, adjusting them to the drums in their final arrangements. Currently working on the bass lines and about to start up the tracking anytime soon.”

As far as the drums recording session is concerned: “It has been exceedingly tough and demanding but I have a genuinely constructive impression that it has absolutely put me through the hoops. But… it was to be, wasn’t it? After all, it’s the record of my life so far!” – comments Icanraz. “No triggers, no samples, no compressors, NO COMPROMISE!!! Fully acoustic sound of the drums perfectly fits the aura of the new tracks…” – he continues.

For further details follow the band’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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